01 September 2007

Down Day

Being small business owners we don't have a nine to five, five day a week job. So it is a good day when we don't have any appointments, or have to go to the store. We may still putter and get some loose ends tied up, but if it doesn't happen it doesn't matter. We call them Down Days. We were able to enjoy one of those yesterday. We didn't have to leave the house if we didn't want to. Art puttered in the garage for the morning. I did final tweaks on the database and sent that off to the computer guy. Then we had coffee, and played online. Polar was squeaking so we decided to take him up to the ledges. He likes to make the most of having us both home for the day :) It was a little overcast, and still damp from the overnight thunderstorm that rolled through, but it was a good temperature and not raining. The ledges are a great little marble outcropping on the side of Kendall Hill. You can see down toward Nashua and up toward Manchester, plus a great view of North Pack Mountain. We lounged on the rocks- Polar included, and just enjoyed the day. What a great way to spend the day. Then we went out to Amigo's for dinner. Even though we splurged the night before, by going to the Panda Wok we thought we would be mostly good. We succeeded, except the margaritas. They were just too tasty, so we were pretty sure there had to be sugar in it to taste that good! I had a taco salad, and Art had Chorizo with peppers and a salad. Very good evening. We had the intent of going to look at trucks. Mostly for giggles, although I think that one day we may have a moment of weakness and actually trade the Avalanche in. We topped off the evening with a quickie stop at the store, then back up the hill.

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