03 September 2007

Cheap Sales Technique

Saturday we headed out for a roadtrip in the Porsche. We had to go check out a competitors open house. We also did a little car shopping. Out of visiting three lots only one sales person even approached us. Sales is a big part of our business and we really emphasize training, and qualifying customers to our guys. This guy did not ask one qualifying question. Not even something as simple as, "Can I ask what you're looking for?" When he approached us we were looking at a little Colorado truck. (We had been looking at the Colorado Crew Cab online the night before.) The dealer only had one on the lot. It was a bare bones regular cab truck. The guy came up, assumed we were looking for the "cheapest" Colorado we could find. I hate that word- cheap. I don't want to buy anything cheap. Who would??? Inexpensive, sure- Sign me up! Not cheap. He then proceeded to scour the online inventory for the "cheapest". I said that I would be interested in some comfort items like a seat heater, or memory seats. He said,"That isn't an option on the model I am looking up." Silly me, I thought that was a hint to look at a little more spruced up model... No, no. Needless to say, we left pretty quick. We like the comfort and functionality of the Avalanche, anyway... Had a great lunch at TGI Friday's. This is fast becoming a favorite of mine. They have so many things I can order straight off the menu. I don't have to say this on the side, or without that, or can I substitute x for y... I had a chicken and broccoli dish that was served on a sizzling skillet. Art had key west Shrimp and a salad. Very good, indeed.

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