10 September 2007


Aaahhh relief. The long dry spell that was August has been broken with cooler temperatures and rain. The grass was looking reminiscent of Colorado in late summer, dry, brown and crunchy. Even the weeds that had taken over my as of yet un-loamed back yard were suffering. After a snap two day heat wave where the temperatures reached 90, we heard the winds of change. Then the thunder, then the pit pat of rain on the roof. Happy Day! Driving home that night was a uniquely New England experience. When it rains like that the frogs and turtles all congregate in the streets. It's like stepping into the old computer game- Frogger. Except you are the car and there are dozens of frogs... The frogs are hopping every which way, in a complicated dance that is part joy of rain, and part oh, crap that monster is coming to squish me! Some of the big guys just sit there daring you to try to hit them, and the poor turtles don't stand a chance. The turtles are not very good at getting out of the way, and they are difficult to see with their dark shells. It is a very distinctive thump-thump when you accidentally find one. Art masterfully manuevered with a series of guesses and swerves to try to miss them all. There was one close call with a frog hopping right into the path of the passenger side tire. We were both yelling, "NO! Go the other way!" Art missed him and won the game tonight!

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