08 October 2009


It's National Fluffernutter Day! Fluff is a truly New England original! Like maple cotton candy, boiled dinner, and Dunkin Donuts! In the thirteen years we have lived here I have learned that Fluff is amazing stuff! It is a fluffy , gooey, sugary delight and today it is celebrated as a sandwich. White bread (a must), peanut butter, and fluff. Sweet lunchable goodness! Wheat bread is a no-no. Plus it just doesn't taste right without white bread! If you are in it for nutrition and watching your calories, go eat some carrot sticks instead. Somerville, Mass is the birthplace of this culinary wonder but it was soon sold to the Fluff confectioner in Lynn, Mass. (Lynn Lynn the city of sin, you never come out the way you went in...)
For this and other yummy Fluff concoctions visit their web site!

03 October 2009

Feline Fine

How can you tell that I have been home for a while? Our family grows! LOL! We added nine new beaks last week, and this week we have two new members of our little family.
Now that Blizzie is (mostly) out of her kitten/scratchy phase we started talking about replacing the faded and scratched couches in the living room. I would really like a sectional. It would help define that part of the room and separate it from the back part. So we went around to the different furniture stores and found what we both agreed upon.
Meanwhile at home we are adjusting to life without Zoi. Blizz has never quite warmed up to snuggling with Art. She'll play with him, but if he tries to pat her nice she just bites or runs away... After having such a good buddy snuggler in Zo I was pretty sure he was going to want another cat. I gave him some time to think about it, because you cannot get a new couch if you are going to get a kitten. Not practial at all. If you are going to get a kitten now is the time since we are home and not traveling every other week.
So, he agreed to go look at some kitties. All the shelters are full and there were a lot of kitties to choose from. Our first stop had a pretty gray boy with thumbs that was pretty sweet, and I liked the white and tabby kitten. A few rooms later as soon as we walked in a little gray tabby walked up to Art, wrapped in and out of his legs then started purring. He stood up to look around and she stood on her back legs (front legs on Art's shins) to get his attention. Just like Zoi used to do. He melted immediately. He continued looking but never took his hand off this little tabby. I was enamored with a long black haired cat with thumbs. She was sweet.
It was the first place we went to so he wanted to keep looking. We left and worked out way out to the Seacoast stopping at shelters along the way. Some of those places are so weird. The ASPCA has got to be run by some hippie liberal freaks. Those nutters wouldn't even let us open a cage to pat a kitten to see if we would like him without filling out the entire adoption application and giving them a copy of our license. Needless to say we left. Way to try to find those kittens a home!
After all of our looking he still had the tabby in his mind. Someone was patting her as we left so he was worried that she might get adopted. I tried to call the shelter to see if we could put a "hold" on the kitten but not so. We did download and fill out the app but had to go back at noon on Friday to see if we could get her.
We were there promptly at noon. Probably a little earlier actually ;) They were delayed in opening, of course! When the doors opened he shot right back to the room where she was. I could hear the relief in his voice when he announced that she was still there. Someone else came in the room (and he wasn't going to let her go again!) so I went out to get the ball rolling. Lisa came to help us. When we got back to the room Art was playing with a cute little gray kitten. She was so sweet. The little tabby had a bit of an edge on her today. Didn't want to be held as much and was a little hissy. But Lisa found her paperwork and told us what they knew about her. She was surrendered because the family had a kid. She came in with ear mites and while almost a year old was not fixed. She was also surrendered with her sister. A sister that the previous owner requested she not be separated from. The gray kitten is nuzzling with me at this point. Art is checking out a black cat he sparred (playfully) with yesterday. Black Thumbs is gone. Adopted. Good for her! Back to the sister. Lisa went off to find out who that was and the search began. Oh, wait a minute. Here she is. Right in front of us. A little gray kitten!
Kismet. I said immediately that you can't separate them! Art just kind of nodded his head.
So now we have two adorable snuggly new kitties.
The tabby is Calista, and the gray one is Thalia. Tally and Cally. They are temporarily set up upstairs in the TV room. We are introducing them to Blizz slowly. Zoi was such a snot to her so we aren't sure how she will be. Hopefully much better. So far so good! Polar is oblivious. He doesn't care. He just hopes they will play with him too!

Favorite Things- Holly Housemaid Edition

The house we live in is a whole lot of house for me to try to keep up with. Between the animals fur, the hubby (who does a lot to help- outside and with dishes) and birds who love to see how far they can throw anything and everything. Not to mention two kitchens, three bathrooms, over sixty stairs, five bedrooms, etc. etc... Vacuuming is a full day all by itself. I grew up with a very clean house. My Mom was so diligent about cleaning. I did not inherit her polished home drive, but clutter and grubblies in my toes do aggravate. There are a few key cleaning tools I have grown dependent upon to help me get it done, quick!

This little gem does not necessarily clean, but it does help certain areas seem fresh even when they otherwise would not be. Like near our shoes, or by the cat box. The little motion sensor is wonderful!

This powder is such a help with the Swamp Dog smell that we have all summer, and the cold wet dog smell all winter. It keeps him dry, cleans and absorbs the goo, and because it's menthol he won't lick it all off :)

This is a brandy new toy but I have had the idea in my mind since I went to a baby shower this summer and saw the girl get two diaper genie canisters. You put the stinky diaper in swirl the lid and the smell (and poo) is sealed in the plastic container until you take it out. Wow is that nice for a cat box. Especially now that we have three little sets of kitty piddy's running around.

The Magic Eraser. What can I say. It's Magic! Not sure how or why but it will get just about any crud off of any surface. Toothpaste goo soaked into wood, slime in shower, glass buildup, appliances... Wow!
My vacuum cleaner. Hubby got it for me for my birthday four or five years ago. Not sure how I ever owned furry animals before this vac. I average four to seven times emptying the canister when I vacuum the house. It is awesome that it rolls everywhere easily, is light, has a wand to get the cob webs and bird feathers, and can be dumped and back into service in less than a minute! I turn off the brushes to do the hardwood and tile floors. Sucks almost as good as day one. LOVE IT!

My muck boots. They don't "clean" per-say but they do help keep a lot of gunk out of the house. Tromping back and forth to the greenhouse is a dirty path. They easily slip on and off though so life is good.
Simple Green. I tripped on this by accident. It was on clearance at Big Lots for something like a buck and I needed a quick cleaner. I am amazed at how clean this gets my butcher block countertop, and wood floor. It is a miracle bird poo and fruit goo remover on the floor and walls, and gets sticky beverage leftovers off of the countertop. It gives a nice shine to stainless sinks, and appliances too. Only the lemon seems to really work great and give a polished finish look, but I don't know what I would do without!

Last but not least. My Swiffer. Hubby is a mop man through and through. Once or twice a year he will haul out the bucket, the Murphy's oil soap, and the big ugly old mop then proceed to swab the decks. Good for him! Me? Not something I have time or desire to do every week or two! No Siree! I dilute Murphy's oil soap with water, or Lemon Simple Green, spray it on the floor and Swiffer my way to a clean smell, and dog slobber free shine! No need for the Spray Swiffer. Much easier to spray my own cleaner depending on the floor and the goo...