13 April 2009


Sorry I have been so lame about posting lately. We have had a very hectic schedule. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel now! We have an accepted P&S on a piece of commercial property finally! We will be able to use it for warehousing which is a good thing because we had put in our notice and are out of our existing warehouse at the end of this month. We have been moving (cramming) all of the warehouse items into every spare nook and cranny we have!
I felt like Goldilocks looking at properties lately. We looked at one that was just too big!

Then we looked at one that was way too small for our big trucks to get in and out of.

Just when we thought we found one that was just right we found out that the guy who owned it had been using it as an ATM for the last five years and had acquired seven liens on the property! No one loan was big enough to foreclose on him, but he was in arrears with all of them! Run away!!!

Then we found a great on our road that was too a great building but way too expensive! This guy thought it was still five years ago when the market was at the peak and banks would loan you anything!

Then another popped up that was for very short money. It was less than half the cost of our existing warehouse, but it also had half the space!

Then we re-visited on we looked at last summer. It is kind of a local landmark, is right on the main East/West road in our state, and on half of our guys way to shop.
It was just right! They accepted our offer to boot!

Of course, now I have the perfect excuse to do the ice cream stand I've always wanted to!

11 April 2009

Hoppy Easter!

The Easter Bunny has won! Spring is beginning to well... spring!Hope you and yours cozy up for a great Easter together!
Dyeing eggs is a must! Even for hubby who hates eggs (?!?!)
Here is yet another great idea for eggs! Just kidding. They're cookies!
Yet another reason why Hubby won't let me get silkies! Although he offered up Blizzie as a test sample!
Just chillin with my peeps!
I would so adopt these guys!
I would love this room -for at least the weekend anyway!
No idea what it means?!? Even after a babel fish translation, but it was just too funny!
Happy Easter everyone!

08 April 2009

What's in a Name?

When we first opened our business over ten years ago we spent a great deal of time coming up with a name. It had to be catchy, memorable, and still let people know what we do. There is a shop right on the main highway through town called Kindred Spirits. I always thought it was a tack shop since we have so many horse places in town, or an antique/consignment shop. Turns out it was a country furniture place. Still don't see a connection. Here are a few very catchy, very clever biz names...
I bet people walk from miles around to get a taste of this!
Can't we all just get along!
A little dirty ;)
I would leave a light on here!
Vegetarian haven...
Everyone should have a good time!
I wonder if he does weekend work?
Wonder if they get paid a lot?
Life is like a box of roses...
Sounds like my kind of morning!
The wild west!
Saw this at the hearth show this year. Definitely a favorite!

04 April 2009

Looking for Luv!

Every critter in this house could use just a little more love. One more hug, more time getting patted, brushed, or messed with. But poor little Beaker is not a people person. He is terrified if you try to get him out of his cage. He doesn't freak out when I change his millet, but that took a long time. I felt bad that he didn't have anyone to snuggle or cuddle with. He has a deep and complicated relationship with his mirror but it is just not the same. So after looking around we decided to bring a new housemate, a girlfriend maybe, home for Beaks.

It has taken a while to settle on a name for her. She is young, and strong, and wrapped up in her own little world. So we decided to go back to the roots of Beaker's namesake for hers. The scientist and the assistant. The Doctor is Dr. Bunsen Honeydew so that would not work on it's own since she is a she. We proudly introduce Dr. Bunny Honeydew.

Muppet Show - Germ Enlarger

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker