30 September 2011

The Unexpected Guest

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for four legged fur-balls.  We have had a little black kitty visiting our yard all summer but he was always very elusive.  Until Irene swept into town.  Three days before she arrived he came running to me when I called him, let me pick him up, and purred as I brought him into our house. 
Boy was he scruffy!  He was so thin and although he was a black kitty with white socks and frock he had these weird brown patches of dried out matted fur all over him and even beyond the un-neutered male smell he had a pretty foul odor about him.  But he was being so sweet!  After I let him wolf down a bowl of food and get a drink of water he rolled on his back so I could pat his belly while he purred non-stop.
He ate three bowls of food that night and Art even gave him a bowl of cream.  He continued to eat up to two bowls a day and had wet food, tuna, and treats of course.  His ugly brown fur was slowly fading into a shiny black again :-)
We have had three cats before- Once.  Three cats is way too many cats.  It's a quantum scale with cats.  One is not enough unless you like tattered curtains and someone sitting on your face at two am.  Two is just right.  They can torture each other and occasionally let you pat them.  Three cats is like Armageddon.  Two will team up on the third for a constant cat battle for territory, they will all want to sit on your lap at the same time and are willing to fight for it, and you will need something on the order of eight litter boxes to contain their battle continence.  So, adorable and sweet as he was we knew we could not keep him.
We took him to the groomer the next day since Zdeno had an appointment anyway.  We also made a vet appointment for the following week.  Then we hunkered down for the storm which really was not much more than a big rainstorm for us although our neighbors to the West in Vermont and NY were hit pretty hard.
We brought him to the vet the next week and got him up to date on his shots, treated ear mites, de-wormed him, got flea control, and made a next appointment for him to be neutered.  Unfortunately the next time we could get in was three weeks down the road.  Three weeks with a stinky male cat.  Such a good thing he was so darn sweet!  Art named him Guy.  Guy got along with Blizzie and Z and just loved people.  He would seek you out to be patted if you didn't come to him first. Calista was spending a shocking amount of time outside though so we were resolute in our decision to find him a home.
I started to look for a home.  I went through a few potentials before I was sitting at my desk on day and a lady I know a little bit from town came over and asked if I had a kitty looking for a home.  Instantly I knew Guy had a home, a good home.  So a few days after he was fixed she picked him up.
We will miss the little purr-box but know he is in a good place!

04 September 2011