11 April 2009

Hoppy Easter!

The Easter Bunny has won! Spring is beginning to well... spring!Hope you and yours cozy up for a great Easter together!
Dyeing eggs is a must! Even for hubby who hates eggs (?!?!)
Here is yet another great idea for eggs! Just kidding. They're cookies!
Yet another reason why Hubby won't let me get silkies! Although he offered up Blizzie as a test sample!
Just chillin with my peeps!
I would so adopt these guys!
I would love this room -for at least the weekend anyway!
No idea what it means?!? Even after a babel fish translation, but it was just too funny!
Happy Easter everyone!


EXSENO said...

You always have the most imaginative posts. I can't decide on a favorite picture they are all so cute. The colored chickens caught my eye in a big way but the egg cookies are ingenious.

nikkicrumpet said...

HAH funny stuff...I love the eggs talking about the tramp...made me laugh hard! Have a wonderful Easter!

Becky said...

Spring is upon us! I regret to say that I didn't dye any eggs, but we would never eat them... I hate to waste 'em. Happy Easter!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Those are so funny- but those rainbow colored chickens look very unhappy- like they're thinking "what were we drinking last night and who the heck did this to us!"

Uncivil said...

Oh my gosh...how did I miss you guys for Easter? Wow!!!!Funny stuff!