04 April 2009

Looking for Luv!

Every critter in this house could use just a little more love. One more hug, more time getting patted, brushed, or messed with. But poor little Beaker is not a people person. He is terrified if you try to get him out of his cage. He doesn't freak out when I change his millet, but that took a long time. I felt bad that he didn't have anyone to snuggle or cuddle with. He has a deep and complicated relationship with his mirror but it is just not the same. So after looking around we decided to bring a new housemate, a girlfriend maybe, home for Beaks.

It has taken a while to settle on a name for her. She is young, and strong, and wrapped up in her own little world. So we decided to go back to the roots of Beaker's namesake for hers. The scientist and the assistant. The Doctor is Dr. Bunsen Honeydew so that would not work on it's own since she is a she. We proudly introduce Dr. Bunny Honeydew.


jan said...

Here's hoping Beaks enjoys his girl friend as much as his relationship with his mirror.

Sue said...

What a pretty parakeet...I'm sure there will be a love connection!!
I had a lovely bird like this when I was a kid...his name was Ike after the President at the time....Oh my. I'm dating myself...yes, it was during the 50s
I'm old.

Renna said...

She's beautiful! I hope she and Beaker become fast friends.

nikkicrumpet said...

What a beautiful little friend for Beaker. And I'm totally laughing at the name...because my hubby thinks every pet should come with a title....be it Mister, proffessor, captain, etc. So the Dr. part had me giggling!

Farm Chick Paula said...

LOL That is so cute!!