19 September 2007

Tis the Season- NOT!

Every year Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier. This year moves to a whole new level. Two days ago I heard White Christmas on the radio. I let it slide because it was a production company selling tickets for a show in Boston in November and December. But then, last night, watching Eureka (awesome show!) there was an ad for some rinky dink local jeweler with jingle bells in the background, and a guy wearing a Santa suit pushing to buy now for the holidays. I know that it is a tight economy right now, and most retail industries are struggling to survive but, come on, really?? Christmas in September? I haven't even seen ads for the haunted houses yet, or buy candy and costumes ads. Can't we just do one holiday at a time?
FYI- Michael Shanks (aka- Daniel Jacson-SG-1) will be guesting on Eureka next week!

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