23 September 2007

Harvest Time

Today was the town's annual Harvest Festival and what a beautiful day it was. Last year it rained and was cold, this year 75 and sunny. The fire dept and auxiliary offered a chicken lunch. We also dusted off Annabelle, our original fire truck, and brought her up so kids large and small could sit in her, get their picture taken, and run the sirens. NH is the home of IT (aka- the Segway) so we had Segway rides. No racing though. I have never seen anyone crash on one of those. Talking with some of the guys who helped develop them it sounds like you have to try to knock it over, even though it looks like it's not stable. They also said that it's unstable look is the most common reason for people falling off or wrecking it, not actually machine malfunction. Our neighbor up the hill brought his sheep. His kids were demonstrating shearing them. Polar really wants to be friends with those little sheep. I think he thinks that they look like him- white and fluffy. Maybe next year... We have the oldest town band in the country. That's not just a crack at their age, its a real factoid. They dressed up in their finest and played all afternoon. Growing up we had an awesome high school band, so I have pretty high standards, but the town band is not so bad considering it is a group that plays for a hobby. Not that I played in a band- ever, but I was a teacher's assistant for our band, and I was on flag corps so I listened to them a lot. We also had a favorite of Art's. Someone fresh squeezing apple cider with a very dramatic looking contraption. Of course, the dairy offered ice cream there, a maple sugar booth, and tons of other booths from local artisans. The fire department was able to borrow a fire simulation trailer. So they can do demonstrations on how fires start, and how and when to stop them or get out and call us. Our lunch was a great success. We ran out of chicken by 1:00. We even sold some cookbooks. The desserts went over very well. I put whipped cream "pumpkins" with a frosting stem on the cheesecake cupcakes and they were the first to disappear. Great day!

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