03 September 2007


Another Sunday with family. We went over to Art's folks (surprise-surprise) for the afternoon yesterday. Bud's sister Mal and bil Fred were there, and Sue, Charlie, and Sam. Mal had gone down to a Shriner's in her neighborhood and gotten Mom an air cushion for her chair. What a great program the Shriner's run. They have all sorts of accessibility equipment that they loan out for as long as you need it, no charge. Mom got her chair from there, too. We also received good news about Mom. She went to see her doc this last week, and found out that she has a good chance of walking again. The nerve damage was not due to radiation, so they may re-grow. She has a lot of hard work to do, but a great prospect at the end of the road. :)

Sam brought the game Art and I got him for Christmas- Risk. Fun little game where the goal is Global Domination. Art was down to four guys at one point, but due to a few strokes of luck (and he would say a brilliant master plan) he came back to win. Sam was pretty upset that he didn't win, but I am sure he will get another chance. It took Peter years to beat Art at Chess, but it did eventually happen! Practice makes perfect, Sam. We had a bbq lunch with hamburgers, and sausage. Sue and Charlie brought and made lunch. They are both fabulous cooks, and it was delicious. I did make a recipe from the TVFD cookbook, baked brie. Always a big hit. I managed to sell two more cookbooks today, too!

Thanks Sue and Mom.

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