16 September 2007

Lose Yourself

Feeling lost? No sense of place? Not sure how to get out? You must be in a corn maze! I am sure they have these all over the country, but the first time I went through one was in New England. The fall is best. The corn stalks get up to eight feet tall, and the size of the mazes average six to ten acres around here. Some give a map if you want to navigate your way through. A few have bridges built at certain points around the maze to give you a lofty vantage. The cautious use the right hand rule- keep your right hand on the wall at all times and you will eventually get out... Or you can wander aimlessly. We are wanderers. It's nice to take your time, although at some point you do have to start paying attention or you will never get out! I have never gone through a maze at night, although I hear that can be quite spooky. Especially when they have characters dressed in creepy gear hiding in the dead ends breathing loudly, or hiding around blind corners then jumping out to scare you. My ticker isn't strong enough for that! If you can find the time, a corn maze is a great way to lose yourself!

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