21 September 2007

Let's Play Doctor

Not to be out shined by his wife's having two jobs Art has decided to join the Rescue Squad. The Fire Department is his first love, but we are very short handed in the Rescue Department and with Art's Mom having so many health concerns it just made sense to him. So this fall he is taking a medical rescue course. Even more than the two nights a week, and several weekends a month commitment he's made to the class I am impressed and proud that he is doing this. I am not the person for that job. I would be on the board myself at the first site of blood or a needle of any kind. Art is very calming to people and has a stomach for things that make some queasy. Like pulling an accident victim out of a car and covering him until the ambulance shows. Art has patience. Like the time a lady in town was having (another) heart attack and her husband wouldn't get in the ambulance to take her to the hospital until everyone cleared out of his house so he could lock it. Last night he brought home his newest rescue tools. A stethascope and an arm band for blood pressure readings. He will learn to use these tools for good in the field but in the mean time we can play doctor at home. Just for practice, of course. Anything I can do to help!

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