11 September 2007


Art and I are not very responsible video renters. We were so frequently late, and lost so many of those slippery little discs that we decided it was less expensive to just buy them. So we would go down to the video store every few months and scoop up some of their used movies at four or five bucks a pop. Well, now we have a closet full of movies. Too many of which we only watched one time. We farm them out to family members on occassion but (too) many times they have the same one already. Not very environmentally conscious. Wasteful really. So, we decided to switch gears and join the hoards who are enjoying Netflix. We have a couple of family members who use it and enjoy the movies, although our nephew probably gets more picks than anyone. We also have some friends in the next town who are addicted to their documentaries. Gray Gardens is their current recommendation. We cancelled the newspaper that my Mom signed us up for last fall, Finally! and with the added funds decided to try Netflix. We sat down and chose which movies to start with. I let Art go first. He chose Fahrenheit 9/11. Very disturbing, heavily slanted against Bush, but I HATE Bush and his policies so I was o.k. with that. We signed up on Labor Day, and by Wednesday we had the movie. Art took it out of the envelope, and I sent it back. Blonde moment in the repacking precluded me from returning the little sleeve that identified who the movie was assigned to. So I had to call and explain my stupidity. The nice phone support guy (actually a US Citizen living and working in the US!) told me it was o.k. and he would get my next movie right out to me, but please remember to return both the sleeve and the movie in the future. Our next movie Supersize Me came the next day. It was a flick I wanted to see but didn't want to buy because I knew we would only watch it once. Also heavily slanted, as many documentaries are, it showed what would happen if you binged on Mc D's and stopped exercising for a month. The grain of salt is that his beloved is a Vegan Chef, and he was an avid exerciser before the test... Go from there. Our next movie is the 300, then Cars. Should be here tomorrow. We already have 18 movies on our list; well 14 movies and the first season of Firefly. I have always wanted to see that and this seems like a great time! Happy watching!

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Yummyteece said...

I am a big fan of both "300" and "Cars", although they are VERY different flix. Hope you enjoy them as well.