10 September 2007

Old Friends

Many years ago I joined classmates.com. I was pretty bad at keeping in touch and maintaining friendships after high school, and thought that might be a way to reconnect with a few old friends. About a year after I had posted my information I got an e-mail from my old friend Sharon! I was so excited. She had also kept in touch with Sara. We would all get together and have the best visits when I was in Colorado. Then Sharon moved to Kansas and I lost track of her last fall. Sara didn't know where she was either. I signed up for a MySpace page a while back. Nothing fancy, more of a place holder. But I found Sharon on there. It was a long shot but I sent out an e-mail hoping it would find her. Today I opened it up to check a friend's from one of my group's page, and also checked my account. Well, I had two messages from old friends in there! One was a response from Sharon. She is doing great and has six kids now! Another old friend Sandy had found my page. We were on the cheerleading squad together. We used to have so much fun! I think we had lockers next to each other one year, too?? Of course I had to drag out the yearbooks and show Art all the pictures. Ah, memories...

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