20 September 2007

Sleep Is For Sissies

Art's Mom has been having serious health issues for almost two years now. While we were visiting them yesterday we saw that she had made progress in moving her feet and legs. She also seemed in good spirits, and the pain well managed. But still, every time the phone rings at an odd hour you get that momentary sinking feeling. It is usually a fleeting moment but it is scary none-the-less. Each time she went into the hospital this year we had such a phone call. Usually early in the morning. So last night was a VERY long night for us. Our phone (number)used to be used for a fax line. So, infrequently, we will hear the phone ring at night, when sales fax presses usually pump out their propaganda. Last night it hit a whole new level though! The phone rang at 1:11am for the first time. Art, who jumps to get the phone every time it rings anyway even other than his Mom's situation, leapt out of bed and ran down the stairs to get the phone. It had already been picked up by our voicemail so he struggled with the caller id before coming back up to try to fall asleep again. At 1:53am it rang again. Up Art went. Then again at 2 and 3 and 4. It rang twice in the five o'clock hour. I imagine it had successfully spammed most of it's other numbers so it could try us more frequently at this point. By the six o'clock hour it rang four times!!! Art was at the end of his tether. I don't think he got any sleep. Thank goodness we have Vonage that records the name, time, and number that calls. I sent a very nasty fax back to them this morning letting them know what I thought of their faxing my home all night long and keeping DH up with worry. I hate telemarketers but these fax marketers really take the cake!

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