18 September 2007

Vial of Life

This is a great program for seniors or any person that lives alone. Help the people who are there to help you in an emergency. The more ambulance, fire and rescue personnel know about you the better they will be able to help.
What goes in the plastic baggie on the front of your refrigerator door?
A completed Vial of Life form.(Answer the questions you want, don't answer questions you don't want)
-Providing a picture of yourself would be helpful.
-A photostat of your last EKG will greatly assist theemergency personnel.(Your doctor should gladly provide you with a copy)
-Place your Living Will or equivalent in your baggie, if you have one.
-Place any Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) documentation in the baggie,if you so choose.
-Place any other documentation you feel important in the baggie.
In an emergency the Vial of Life will speak for you when you can't !During normal office visits to any of your doctors, the Vial of Life will tell them what medications you are taking, and the ailments that you have.
Go to http://www.vialoflife.com/ for full details, and to print Vial of Life Form, and Decals.

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