28 September 2007

Premiere Week

This week was the premiere week for many of our favorite shows. I ordered a DVR to celebrate the new season of vegging and tubing. But as Joe Malozzi likes to point out, you have to watch your show live to get counted for those precious ratings that decide whether your show will get to continue next season. Here are my thoughts on a few of the premiere's I watched this week.
Heroes- This is not a show I have ever watched before, but was intrigued by the previews so I thought we would give it a try. There were so many characters, and clearly it is mostly an ongoing story. I found it very choppy, and confusing. Some of the characters were interesting, but it seemed like a bunch of disassociated stories being crammed together in little bits. I clearly missed something. Maybe one day we will try to watch it from the beginning with Netflix, but not planning on tuning in any time soon...
House- This show is hilarious. I am not usually in to the whole doctor, needles, blood shows, but this one is edgy, and fresh. House reminds you of the things your inner child wants to say or do, except he just does says/does them without regret or second thought. The survivor start with many then pare down to a few is interesting. I see how you have to mix the interns around. The old ones, while great, would not put up with House's garbage in reality as long as they have. Hopefully we will still get to see them occassionally...
Eureka- O.k. so this is not a premiere. Actually their finale is next week. But, Michael Shanks was heavily advertised for this episode. His part turned out to be a light cameo with a character that sounded vaguely Dr. Jackson'ish. Regardless, I think this is one of the best new(er) shows out there. Eureka was also renewed for a third season this week :)
Bionic Woman- This looks like it will be a dark and edgy drama. I think that this show may be a keeper. It was just setting up the story, but it had some interesting characters. When Nu-Starbuck from BSG showed up at the end I was hooked.
Ugly Betty- I watched part of a marathon UB when I was doing data entry one day. I had not watched it live, and honestly never thought it would interest me. I did not like The Devil Wears Prada, and am really not in to fashion. Who knows, maybe that's why I found myself watching this... I think it is a purely entertaining show. Vanessa Williams is great as the evil one, and I can't think of anyone better to sell the I once was a boy but now I'm a hot blonde than Rebecca Rojmin.
Survivor China (this is it's second week, but close enough... I taped this to watch with Art after his class while I watched UB)- Absolutely beautiful setting. The shots they have of China are absolutely gorgeous. We have watched this show for years, and so far I think that this year's challenges are the best. Although the charcters seem to be a little predictable, and I wish they accepted more Joe Averages than recruiting models, and wanna-be-actors...
Stargate Atlantis Aaaahhhh! The best for last. Actually, it hasn't even aired yet. It's on Skiffy tonight at ten est. I have been waiting for this for a long while. Sam Carter will head to Atlantis this year since SG-1 is no more. They haven't let any secrets out in the promos that I can decifer, but Atlantis was last launched into space and we know that Dr. Weir gets hurt, so you know it will be a high intensity opener. Can't wait!!!

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