22 September 2007

Holly Housemaid

Some days I feel like I am channeling a 1950's housewife. I will get my toothbrush out to scrub the tile, tidy the house top to bottom, freshen myself up and put on something "pretty", and have dinner on the table for DH when he comes home. Other days I just sit in the mess and wonder how I am ever going to find whatever it is I have lost (again!), or try to remember what color the rug was before the dog brushed himself on it. I go through various phases of movitation regarding housework. This can be a bit of a problem especially since we always have so many construction projects going on. There always seems to be construction dust everywhere. I am currently procrastinating two drywall sanding jobs because it takes forever to get all that fine dust off of everything. Washing dishes is a dreaded task. Although the floors are a big contender. My ever shedding malamute and his little furball companion Zoi, the fruit flinging bird and his seed spitting cohort, and my darling mud tracking hubby could keep me cleaning 24/7. It takes several hours if I want to vacuum the whole house. I am glad to have a Dyson. It sucks anything anywhere. It has a wand that pulls out to get up stairs and hairballs hiding under tables, and I can turn off the brushes to avoid flinging debris on the hardwood floors. Plus it has a huge canister. I can't imagine what people did with bagged vacuums. I empty that canister probably four or five times a week. That would add up to some serious $$$ if I had to buy those bags! I try to wash one section of the hardwood floors a week. This means that once every couple of months a part of my floor will be clean. Laundry has moved up on my list of preferred jobs. It is so easy with the washer and dryer right outside our bedroom. I love that we put them up on a pedestal. No bending over to get stuff out of the dryer. I use the lip on the front to stack everything and the ironing board is a great place for the hanging things.

Cooking is a love of mine. We do eat out an awful lot, but most of the time that is due to a hectic schedule. If I am home I do enjoy making dinner. Last night I made a chicken cacciatore for something new. Tonight it's back to meat loaf. I make a pretty mean meat loaf. This one will have baby bella mushrooms, garlic, and blue cheese in it. I love baking, too. I don't get many opportunities anymore since we can't eat any of that stuff, but when I do get a chance I go all out. This is one of those weeks. We have our annual Harvest Festival this weekend. The Fire Department and Auxiliary do a fire roasted chicken lunch. The guys make a huge fire pit to cook the chickens, we get cole slaw, potato salad, and a green salad from the local deli, and all of us girls bake cookies and other treats for dessert. This year since we are promoting the cookbook we are using those recipes. I made Great Pumpkin cookies yesterday. I decorated half of them with pumpkin faces, and the other half with nuts, star and moon jimmies, and icing. Today I am baking Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes. Yum! I feel very June Cleaver today.

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