30 August 2007


There is no better therapy than a walk with Polar. It has been a stressful week. We are updating the store software so I have been rebuilding databases under a time crunch. The longer I am fussing with them the more out of sync the one they are using will be, and the more data entry I will have to do after... No one at the store is fond of change either, so there is a little (or a lot of) pressure there. So I have to get the databases updated, the new software installed, learn how to use it, then show others how to use it in less than a week! I did hire a computer guy to help, but he just helps with the actual make computer a get along with computer b and the software stuff. The really fun part comes after the install, though. Quickbooks, in it's infinite wisdom did not give any way to export open layaways (we probably have 150 of those). So I get to re-enter ALL of them manually. Then we have to figure out the dollar amounts, and inventory amounts so that isn't all screwed up. The inventory scares the bejeezus out of me. Ever since our computer guy extracted the database items sold have not been recorded. This with all the duplicate products I will be "pulling" from inventory when I have to re-enter makes me wonder if I should just lose my mind now! Plus setting up a computer for the town offices and getting all of those files sorted out and entered in so that I can get my reports done the first week in September. So, last night after nine or so hours pouring over the inventory database I let Art take over while I grabbed the dog and headed up the hill. Polar is always ready to go for a walk. He takes his time initially, sniffing each bush and twig by the side of the road, and marking his territory as needed. A couple of horse riders passed us and stopped to say 'hi' and let Polar sniff the ponies. Then the first part of the hill we move at a good clip. It is a fairly steep grade so by half way up he can certainly go more quickly than I. The last quarter of the hill he was tugging so hard I jogged the rest of the way with him. It's about a mile up to the junction in the road. Go right, and check out the Beaver pond in a quarter mile, go straight a half mile to the end of the road, or go to the end of the road and hang a right for a one mile path up to the ledges. It was getting dark, so we went with Beaver pond. No Beavers today, but we did note that they jammed the drainage port really full this time! By the time we headed back down the hill that little knot in the back of my shoulders had untied, and I felt more relaxed than all week. We came home and I pretty much went right up to bed... My kind of therapy! (Pic of the pond is from a different day)

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