21 August 2007

Open House

Two events down. One to go. We had our open house over the weekend. It is a good way to kick off the season, and gives us a pretty good idea of how busy (or slow) we will be. We have one day specials and fire up the pellet bbq. Our stove rep who used to be a caterer was our chef du jour. She made fabulous chicken, beef tenderloin, and my personal favorite mini-burgers. The kids liked the popcorn, and the Dunkies coffee and breakfast sweets never last. It was pretty windy in the morning and we had an incident with the tent that wasn't weighted down, but it worked out great for the distribution of bubbles. We put them out front and they blew right across 101A. Not blindingly, but they were a nice display. Kind of like big snow flakes. The weather cooperated, too. While it was a heat wave in most parts of the US here in New England it got down to 42 the night before, and was forecast to get up to 69. Add the breeze and it was just right standing in front of the burn trailer. This year was pretty much what I expected sales wise. We expect it won't be as slow as last fall, but still a far cry from two years ago... We do have two bills on the floor that would help a great deal! Off to our pellet man. next weekend to show off the pellet grills!

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