22 August 2007

My version of 'Priceless'

Gas to get down to my favorite store: $6.23

Bill for mail order items to be returned: $16.00

LL Bean bucks from my Bean card: Priceless

I have been conquering candida since late last year. This has had a shrinking effect on my weight. However, it has also had an impact on my dwindling wardrobe. At the beginning of summer I went to Kohl's and bought some cheap shorts since my weight was still fluctuating. I now weigh what I did in high school. The bad thing (or probably good thing) is that I don't have any clothes left from that era. So I have been running around in baggy sweat pants and two pair of pants I picked up from the fire department donation bags since the weather turned cold. (trust me- even though it is a 100 where you are it has been 40-60 here-Bbbrrrr..) So yesterday I decided that I couldn't take it anymore, and drove down to Bean. I had a shirt that I ordered for Art that didn't fit so I was returning that, and I had three reward coupons from my LL Bean credit card burning a hole in my pocket. So I was able to get three pairs of pants, and a wool sweater for only 43 cents. Yippee! That is my kind of shopping trip. Hopefully I have found the bottom, as I never was skinny, nor did I ever have the desire to be so, then I can start to build a new wardrobe! Yay!

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