09 August 2007

A toast!

Sad morning. My beloved 38 year old toaster, that my Mother gave me for my first house, bit the dust this morning. My mother first received it as a wedding gift. We used it the whole time I was growing up. Sunday breakfast after church was a ritual in our house with omelets, and toast. My mother grew tired of it when we moved to Colorado so it went into hibernation beneath the stairs for a while. When I moved out she let me pick through her old kitchen items. I still use many of the things I procured to this day, such as a spatula, a crock pot, the toaster, and a strainer. For many years I ate eggs and toast for breakfast. You had to smash a bagel to get it to fit, but the pusher would shove them out either way. We do not eat toast at this point so it has been tucked away in the cupboard since last Fall. We had two of our neices spend the night last night, however, so I thought I would make a breakfast including bacon, eggs, sausage, and toast with raspberry jam that a lady in town made from our patch. So I pulled out old reliable, plugged her in, and heard a nice zzztt zzztt sound then it faded out. Art took it as a personal challenge, but alas she has to be laid to rest.

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