27 August 2007

Life is Good!

Another fabulous day. We spent the day out on the coast with Art's folks and sister Karyn. We met up at 10am to head over to the beach. Karyn had found this gorgeous little island park in Newcastle. You would watch the boats come in and out of Portsmouth, and it was a perfect sailing day so there were many of them about. The temperature was perfect- light breeze, little sun. We were able to park about 30 feet from our spot so it was a breeze with Mom. There were quite a few people at the park, but it was not crowded at all. There was a beach area, a great field with picnic tables, volleyball courts, and we even saw someone with their croquet set. Then all along the shore they had shade trees, benches, and great spots to roam around and enjoy the view. Then Dad asked what we wanted to do for lunch. We turned it back to him. He said either Newicks (seafood) with their paper plates, or Wentworth by the Sea (a fabulous resort's restaurant that they took us to for their 50th wedding anniversary). Wow! We would've been happy with either, but he ultimately chose Wentworth by the Sea. They made it very simple for Mom, and even set up a table that was just a little higher so her chair could slide in easily. The menu was extraordinary. The setting is pretty nice as well. Beautiful crown mouldings, artwork, and fireplaces with a wrap around deck through the seaside view floor to ceiling windows in this renovated beauty. Presentation was half the experience. With elegant service and meal presentation. The wait staff would file out in harmony carrying everyones plates. After lining up behind their respective client they would in one motion present the plates. Bud had a lobster pie that had huge chunks of lobster meat, and topped with curls of puffed pastry. June had fish and chips that looked pretty amazing. Karyn had a panini that looked tasty enough-but her pickle won the day. He had a lettuce jacket with a folded down collar. It was tied in front with a carrot string. Art had a champagne butter and crab stuffed filet of sole that looked elegant and tasted incredible. I had a warm gorgonzola and steak salad. I had never had a steak salad this fabulous! They had topped it with lightly toasted onions, delicate cuts of meat that I cut with my butter knife, and a shallot vinaigrette. Delightful and delicious! We then headed back to their house to relax for the rest of the afternoon. Bud regaled us with stories of going on his Brother-in-law Ray's lobster boat way back when. I guess there is a show on Discovery now called Lobster Wars that his grandson Mike Polumbo is featured in. What a tough business that was/is. Coming home we passed (the usual) 9 cop cars, I was glad that the Porsche didn't feel the need to zoom quite so fast today :)

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