13 August 2007

A day in Greeley

Greeley Park that is. In Nashua. Today we had a booth at the Children's Fest / Alternative Energy Fair. Yeah- children and alternative energy, they go together like peanut butter and... wellll... hhhmmm.... cotton candy. It was a strange combo of nursery schools, face painting, local dance and karate businesses, and PV solar, solar hot water, NH Timberland Assoc., hybrid cars, our stove shop and local pellet manufacturer, etc... Call me biased, but I thought it was very odd to have so many little rug rats running around with samples of biodiesel, wood pellets, and firestarters. I was a hard nose, relatively speaking, and wouldn't let youngsters take the firestarters with matches (one of our promo items) unless they had a parent who was A) with them and B) Approved. Shockingly, not a parent said no, even for an ~six year old boy. Nonetheless it was a beautiful day out, we got to drive the truck right up to our spot to load/unload. Saving us from lugging our stove across the park :) We talked with a lot of folks and let them know about our upcoming open house. Afterward we went to a new Brazilian restaurant on Main Street in Nashua. Art had been wanting to go there for a while. No one spoke English in the place except an older lady who was dining there with her husband. Her English was about three sentences; I am from Brazil, my husband is Armenian- he is lucky to marry me. I have 48 grandchildren. and I play joke too much... We either missed it, or were not offered drinks. We ate the buffet since we did not receive menus and they kept pointing to the plates by the buffet. It was o.k. The beef was a little overmarinated, but the chicken was not bad. Art also had pork with mystery balls of meat in a black bean sauce. I was guessing the balls were literal... Never a dull moment!

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Paula cbc said...

Its amazing what some parents let their kids get away with today!
Thanks for bloggin'.