17 August 2007

and then... Someone Flipped the Switch

Summer 2007 was a great summer. Summer of the Porsche, the 'tini, family, and dairy queen. We stayed close to home (Yay! No airplanes) and had many fun adventures within New England and Canada. I know that some of you are saying,"Uh, excuse me, summer isn't over for more than a month..." We are on stove time, though, where happily summer starts in the spring, but sadly ends abruptly some time around, well, now... We have had one guy on vacation for the last two weeks, our piggy-back went in for it's annual maintenance which has jammed up pellet deliveries, and they are already booking new installations pretty heavily. Oh, and we got to RE-do inventory this week... Plus we had the Energy Fair last weekend, our Open House this weekend, and an event at our local pellet plant next weekend. We have been scurrying around like busy little mice getting all of the things together for a great open house. We have the burn trailer, which has six flaming pellet stoves, and a gas one crammed in the back that we mostly ignore. We went to Sam's yesterday to get the goods for a pellet bbq- chicken, beef tenderloin, burgers, and all the fixings! We are borrowing the popcorn maker from the Fire Department. Cost- cleaning it out! Eewww! Our theme this year is things that POP! We got an industrial bubble machine that will blow a non-stop stream of bubbles down the road, and little bubble bottles for big and little kids alike. We have lolli-POPS, POPcorn, and more balloons than you can shake a stick at. The promotion balloons are already stuffed with confetti. They will have coupons in them that people will POP when they buy a stove. We did a test yesterday. Confetti everywhere! So fun. Today I get to finish making our new stove flag. After the wolf quilt it was pretty simple, plus it only took four months! I blame the slippery fabric... I just have to attach the pole today. Then make banners, the balloon coupons, pick up water, popcorn, and soda. Clean the Popcorn machine (yuck!), get the helium for the ballons and pack up the car for an early departure tomorrow.

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