23 August 2007

What did I sign up for???

The reality of my new second job hit me head on today. Which is funny, because I am still just a lowly deputy treasurer, not the treasurer. However, the story of how and why I am the deputy is coming to light. The gal N who is treasurer was deputy for probably ten years. Turns out she was just friends with the treasurer, and he wanted to help her out since her husband had passed and I am guessing the health plan. She never actually did any of the work. She even confided to me last week that she avoided financial duties in general... She had been talked in to being treasurer because one very aggressive town member really wanted the job and the only way to keep her out of it was to have N take the job. Then they drug out the interview process until the aggressive gal had to get another job (rumor is she wanted this one for the health plan...) So they waited her out, then brought me in as deputy. N is 85 years old, sweet as can be, but not fiscally minded, and she does not intend to keep the job. I knew from the start I would be expected to run for treasurer next election in March, but, silly me, I thought I would get to learn and slowly be immersed in the job. I should know better! So, while I am still practically a volunteer I am the one who is sorting through the old treasurers stuff, making new files, data entering all things from December last year on, and doing reconciles because I am expected to come up with quarterly reports in September. Even though it is the treasurer's job technically, N can't do it/doesn't know how to. Not sure why they don't just pass the torch. Kind of feels like they are getting the milk for free right now, and why mess with a good thing like that???

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