25 August 2007

Baby? Not us...

Here are a few snippets from a great thought provoking link from a gal in my child free group.
So many of my friends are expecting kids lately. Congratulations and I will always wish the best for all of my friends, but, I wonder... Would so many people procreate if they had time to think about the implications and were able to experience the realities, not even getting into the environmental/global impact??

The chart entitled: Why Breed?

Reasons given-I can't help it, it's a biological urge.
Real reasons-Unexamined motivations.
Suggested alternatives-Institutions await those who can't control their biological urges.

Reasons given- I have superior human genes.
Real reasons-Doesn't recognize an oxymoron.Megalomania.
Suggested alternatives-Do great things with your genes, rather than expecting the next cultured batch to do it.

Reasons given-Need help on farm or in family business.
Real reasons-Too cheap to hire help.Child labor laws inconvenient.
Suggested alternatives-Mechanization gives faster return on investment.

Reasons given-I love babies.
Real reasons-Short-sighted view of reality.
Suggested alternatives-Babies soon turn into children, then adults. Infant care work is available.

Reasons given-My child could find a way to save the world.
Real reasons-"Mother of God" complex. (Also applies to men).
Suggested alternatives-If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Here is a link to the full page:

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