03 April 2007

House of Mirrors

I have often been accused of being fashion challenged. For example, I think socks go perfectly fine with tevas or sandals. I had a full length mirror in my old closet so that I could scrutinize my outfit and make sure I didn't look like I got dressed in the dark. Nothing fancy, just the cheapie mirror with the balsa wood frame. It wasn't like anyone else was going to see it. In the new bedroom there is no room in my closet for a mirror. So I thought I should upgrade a bit. I found an all glass mirror with beveled edges at the evil place (aka Walbarf). It cost about twice what the "cheapie" mirror did. Well, here is how it turned out. First is a pic of the old "cheapie" mirror. The second two show the new mirror close up and half way across the room. It is self-explanatory, sad really. At least it is harder to see my socks when the bottom half is so compressed!!!

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