27 April 2007

Nova Scotia

Canader, eh? I have heard many stories about Nova Scotia and it's beauty. The Bay of Fundi, the lighthouses, and great Canadian beaches. Halifax is supposed to be quite the little city, too. Cape Breton is our tour destination. Not to mention the hottest way to get there! A high speed Cat that travels between Maine and Nova Scotia. It travels at highway speed (to clarify- my speed on the highway...) but is smooth as silk. We will take the Porsche up to zip around in. We are having it shipped out in June. Now that we have a garage it has been evicted from my folks garage. We traveled a great deal last year and got quite burnt out. This year we have just this trip planned and it feels good. I am excited to see a new place, and even more excited that I don't have to get on an airplane to get there!

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