14 April 2007

Get in the Gate

First off, last night was awesome. The mythology of Stargate was a great primer for those who hadn't watched the show much, and was a nice walk down memory lane for those of us who have watched it. The Quest p. II was the winner. Darryl the dragon, Teal'c had some good one liner's, and Sam popping Ba'al in the nose were some of the highlights. It seemed that Vala and Cam bonded a bit, too. Adria is such a good "bad guy". She is so pretty and delicate, but such a $itch! Atlantis was good. It was great to have Jack back. Some of his great lines (who knows if they were scripted or ad-libbed) were "Oh Beckett, huh, I feel so much better.", and "Plan F, you mean? As in we're all..." Rodney was great as usual. I am going to miss Dr. Weir.

They also announced sign-up for the Get in the Gate:

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