16 April 2007

April Showers

It just keeps getting better! By noon yesterday we had about four inches of snow, with big fat beautiful flakes. By four in the afternoon you could hear the distinct plink plink plink of the freezing rain on the skylights, and windows. By eight at night it was a pounding rain. In the night I would wake up out of the fog of my dreams to the sound of driving rain. I could envision our basement filling with water as I slept. Upon waking, to the sound of a plow truck trying to chip at the slushy remains, and the still pounding rain, I looked out to see our stream up over it's banks (again), and wondered why A's fire pager hadn't gone off yet. About fifteen minutes later A was toned out (paged) for trees fallen on wires. About two minutes later another tone went out, then another, and another. A had a full day at work today, but like many of the other volunteers, he is putting the town first. That is what you do with a small town and an all volunteer force. Many of the calls are for washed out roads, and fallen wires. They tend to run out of cones, but they will do their best to mark the sink holes, and divert around flooded roads. A bridge has gone out at this point in our neighboring town, and just about every road has a river flowing over it somewhere. Our street is a low flow with only an inch or two of water flowing down it. The pond has not jumped it's side bank yet, but the lower driveway is currently under water. Seems like deja vu. Didn't we do this last year? The wind has picked up, and the rain is now driving sideways now. Heavy rain will last through today, and taper off to a mere rainstorm for tomorrow and Wednesday. A is fine, all bundled up in his bunker gear. All the same I think I'll stay inside today!

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