05 April 2007

April Fool's

Our weather is a little off this year. Fall never happened (just summer then Indian summer), and winter was about two months late. So when we woke up to an April Fool's storm outside it made sense that it's timing was a little off too! It was a beautiful sight to wake up to a landscape blanketed with fresh snow.

I love the quiet that comes with this heavy wet spring snow. I took Po out for a walk and could hear the faint trickle of the stream in the background of calm. Of course, being a Malamute Po is in heaven. This is the perfect depth for him, not too deep but no ground to be found. He went out and immediately started making doggie snow angels. Of course, gato diablo was right out there with us. Crazy cat/dog that he is.

I appreciate that we have seasons in New England. I was feeling that we did not get a fair winter this year, so it is kind of nice to have this fresh whitewash outside ;)

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