23 April 2007

Home Safe

Update on A's Mom. They were scheduled to fly back from AZ this week. Two or three weeks ago her back starting hurting her. She scheduled an appt. in Tucson, but the doc did not see her until Monday last week. By that time she was in agonizing pain, and her legs had begun to give out on her causing her to fall unexpectedly. The docs out there said they did not know what it was, they didn't have time to do a workup on her, and she better get home ASAP! So they changed their flights and flew back on Thursday. We knew that would be a long day. A's oldest sister K and her husband picked them up at the airport and took them home. It took everyone to get her in the house after the long day of traveling. It is a long trip if you feel well... By the time A and I got over there on Friday morning she was already being loaded into an ambulance to go to the hospital. You could tell she was in agony. Off to the hospital we went. They gave her morphine for the pain and scheduled her for an MRI. We did not know when any of that would happen. A's oldest sister and her husband came to the hospital so we took A's Dad out for a break and some lunch. We spent the day at the hospital. They did determine that she had developed Degenerative Disk Disorder, probably from her radiation treatments last fall. However, they do not know what is causing her to fall, or what is causing the level of pain that she has. The good news is there is no evidence, at this time, that the cancer has spread. Today they are seeing a nuerologist for more testing. She is at the hospital for a few more days at least, but then she will likely move to a long term care facility for physical therapy. She cannot go home while she is falling, because there is no way to get her up easily. A's 78 year old Dad just can't do it. At least she is safe here at home in NH.

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