17 April 2007

State of Emergency-NH

This storm has been a real doozy. First snow on top of the snow we had, then freezing rain, then driving pouring rain for a day and a half, and now we are back to snow. The roads and rivers have paid the toll. More than half of the roads have washed away, have a river going over or through them, or a mudslide has overtaken them. Several bridges did not survive, although the new bridge in Temple did the road on either side has been swept away. It will be weeks before they get to the bridge on Route 45 that takes us to Greenfield. State Rte. 101, which is the biggest East/West road in the state has multiple breeches, including a big mud slide on the Wilton/Milford line (right on our way to the store of course!) Should be fun doing deliveries for the next few weeks. Of course, Murphy's Law, we do more deliveries now than any other time of year. I have pretty much stayed holed up in the house during the storm, except for a 15 minute ride to go get milk yesterday. Usually it is a 5 minute jaunt, with the driveway at the dairy being the most challenging. Yesterday we had to go down through Wilton, because both roads through town were closed or river-like. Went through one spot where the water was flowing about two to three feet on top of the road. Thank goodness for a 4WD.
Here are some good clips of the storm. One a slideshow from our local news station, and another is a short vid of the Souhegan River in Milford (town next to the one our store is in) from the local paper. I think photo number 22 (from first link) says it all, "One way to fill your pool."


"One way to fill your pool."

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