23 April 2007

First Swim

We are finally having a break in the weather. It is a stark contrast of last week's snow, and rain. The crocuses are blooming, the daisies are coming up, and the trees have begun to bud. That means Po's favorite season is over. Now he begins the grueling task of staying cool, and we begin eviction proceedings as he will smell like "swamp dog" for months to come. For some reason he does not like to swim in our pond, but he loves the source pond at the top of the hill. Sunday was his first swim. It didn't look all that appealing to me, as there was a fine layer of scuzz on the top of the water, but in he went anyway! In between laps he gets out to roll in the dirt of course.

For more fun with floods, here are some pics of the road that we take Po up for his walks, or what's left of it anyway. They have filled in the major sink holes, and places where rivers of water carved paths in roads, but there are still several closed roads (including this one), and many repairs to do. But you get the idea. 101 in Wilton is still closed from the mud slide. We have enjoyed learning some of the alternate back roads, though.

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