06 April 2007

Boys and their toys.

With this being our first (store) holiday of the year- I thought we would have a leisurely morning sipping coffee and making plans for a little trip we are taking soon. A was very driven though. He "had" to get out and clear the driveways first thing. I think he just wanted to play in his bobcat. He goes back and forth between looks of serious concentration and childlike glee. We have talked of trading the bobcat in on a more practical little farm tractor but I am not sure he would have quite as good of a time with it. Enjoy every moment.
Happy Good Friday- I hope you have today or a long weekend to rest and enjoy time with your families!
**Remember- Stargate SG-1 marathon tonight on Skiffy- It is the first half of the season, the second half kicks off next Friday:):):)**

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