11 April 2007

Go Joe! ** Atlantis SPOILER**

I thought about leaving a spoiler space, but every person on earth I know who watches SGA already knows that Beckett bites it in the second half of Season 3.
A large group was put together to "Save" him. The Save Carson Beckett group had all the bases covered. We wrote letters, of course, but the big coup was at the Stargate convention in Vancouver where Joe Mallozzi (Thoughts and Tirades) agreed with SCB'ers that if they got their campaign on ET or Access Hollywood he would bring him back. The SCB'ers were all over the Canadian news at the convention, then they got their banner on the Today Show. So, Mr. Mallozzi agreed to bring Carson back for at least two episodes in Season 4, with a possible third, and his return will leave the door open for Season 5.
See GateWorld for more details. Yay Carson!

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