18 April 2007

Finally! Full Moon

A long time ago, in a land far far away, Alaska two summers ago to be exact, I found a great pattern for a quilt. Granted I had never quilted before, but I did take sewing lessons in high school, and I could work a pretty mean cross stitch. So I bought the pattern.
The next year I got a new sewing machine. It was a computerized Singer machine that would also do embroidery. I thought I might be able to use it for logos on business shirts, jackets etc. The machine never worked well. I tore it apart and put it back together more times than I can count. I spent hours on tech support trying to fix it. They sent me parts a few times to try to fix it...
In the meantime, I wanted to do my project, plus I had curtains to make, and a dozen little repair jobs lined up. So I dragged my old reliable out. A functional and simple little Bernina that A ran over with his truck when we lived in Texas Creek, CO.
My sister-in-law S is an incredible quilter, and sewer. She has beautiful wall quilts, comforters, curtains, bags surrounding her. She had to build a room onto her house to fit her quilting machine. It is the size of a queen sized quilt. Well, she agreed to teach me how to quilt, and get me started. She gave up a Sunday this winter and came to my house to show me. We had a great time tracing, cutting, etc. She brought her machine for that day and we got the background done, and I was well on my way... I tried to limp through working on the quilt with my not-quite-working machine, but by then it was breaking my thread every six inches or so, and beeping at me (which also stops the machine) even more than that. Last month I gave up and sent the machine back to them. I thought they would fix it and send it back but they sent me a brand new one that I received on Tuesday! Talk about service.
Anyway, I finally finished the quilt. Less than four hours on the new machine was all it took. Some of the early stitches are a little rough, and you can definately tell what I did with the new machine vs. the old, but I am proud of it. I did the color scheme to match my bedroom colors.


Deb said...

That looks really cool! I don't have the patience or time to try and accomplish something like that...I envy you! Hope you are starting to dry out!

ssknh said...

Thanks, Deb! It was a practice in patience certainly. If you have two years you might be able to find the time, too :)