11 April 2007

Is Wanting better than Having?

DH always says wanting is better than having. My loving mother seems to be of the mind that unless something is in your hand it does not count! I am torn. Is having an "X" better than simply wanting one?
Having a car if you live in a rural area, for example, seems far superior to having none. But does the same apply if you simply want a better/bigger/faster etc. car? The car I have now is fine. But it sure would be nice to have a GPS system to more easily find my way around. My current car does not have an i-pod port. Maybe I should trade it in on one that does? I have to step back, at this point, and appreciate that in 'wanting' a person can enjoy the idea of a car (or whatever) without the added pressures, and responsibilities. What will the neighbors think if I come home with a new car every year? We don't live in a "keep up with the Jones" town, so what repercussions would come from buying a top of the line or premium brand car? You worry about some lunatic ramming into your car with a cart in the parking lot... Then there is the money issue. I really enjoy not paying a large chunk of my salary each month to a car payment. Insurance is a whole new level of money bleed. My old car costs over $600, what on earth would they charge me for a new one??? But I digress...
Could the wanting is better than having theory apply to non-tangible goods as well? Or does the opposing viewpoint then make more sense? Having an education is definitely better than not having one. Having the ability to walk is definitely better than not... I went to the eye doctor yesterday and found that I could not have laser eye surgery. The simple fact that I had radial keratotamy fifteen years ago knocked me out of the running for that. Having the ability to see is definitely better than not, but wanting to do so without glasses or contacts is definitely not better than being able to.
At the end of the day I guess I am just grateful that we are healthy, happy, and together. The rest is just icing on the top!

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