31 March 2007

Open House

What a beautiful day today. Blue sky, must have been 60 degrees, and just the slightest breeze. I could not have picked better weather for our spring open house if I tried. We had dunkies coffee and cream puffs for breakfast followed by pork loin and burgers done on the pellet bbq for the rest of the day. One of our guys, M, got two new German Sheperd pups a few weeks ago. His wife was at a religous conference all day, so they were at the store. They are still at that cute, sure you can nibble my fingers age. It was a good day. We kicked off our early buy for fuel today too. So we were pretty busy. Today was also the rummage sale for Ladie's Aid. I feel bad that I couldn't be there for that. I did make some clothes pin bags with "clothes line" and hanging on it letters spelling out "LAUNDRY", and little clothes pins. They were pretty clever looking.

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