22 March 2007

From the ashes...

I have not been having a very good couple of days. Seems I picked up a little souvenier in Reno. My head feels like it may explode. Actually, at times I think it might hurt less if it did. But, my creeping crud was overshadowed this morning. A little after four am a neighboring stove shop, that is in the same town as our friends pellet manufacturing plant, had a fire that destroyed their main building. It started as a two alarm and very quickly went to a three alarm. Our FD was not called out, but our chief called A first thing this morning to tell him. Their showroom, service shop, stove/part warehouse is gone. The warehouse that held the pellets was saved, and their trucks were o.k. Thankfully, no one was hurt or in the building, except a fire fighter who slipped on some ice. He is o.k., just a little twist. The owners had just gotten back into town last night. They often take a little vaca after the show. They are all out there today and planning the rebuild. At least they will have plenty of time to get back up and running before the new heating season begins. From the ashes they will rise again!
Here is a link to the news clip http://www.wmur.com/news/11328267/detail.html

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