12 March 2007

No time for cheese!

It has been an incredibly busy week. This is the time of year many people think we are slowing down, with winter winding down surely our business must as well. Not quite. This is the time of year that all of our industry meetings and events take place. We also have our spring open house to get ready for and the early buy letter to let people know about the off-season rates. It is amazing how much you can get done if time is limited. Somehow the organization, and energy are in abundant supply. Along with getting the radio ad ready for the open house, prepping and writing our early buy letter, inventory, taxes- both personal and business, and all the usual duties, I also embarked on two major projects. I have been working with a guy in VT on a legislative package. Some of you may have seen my letter to the congressman for the Renewable Energy Securites Act bill posted on the old blog. That has grown! We now have a collection of letters, a general information packet, and a 'how to' sheet. We put that together with some nice posters (that C made- I draw like an epileptic chicken and have about as much creativity...), and sign up sheets, posted on web sites, and will display at two booths at the Hearth show this coming week. I also started on a proposal with a friend in town to install a wood pellet boiler heating system for the town offices and fire department. There is a group in NH called the Carbon CO2alition. This group gets towns, through town meeting, to adopt a commitment to reducing emissions. So I have been putting together a proposal. My three main points are, an oil spill at the town offices a couple of year's ago that turned the property into a superfund site, we will save over 21 tons of carbon emissions per year, and save about $1500 to $2000 a year in fuel costs. All this and getting the animals sorted to their respective babysitters, and we leave tomorrow. We sat down and wrote our list out for the day- still a page and a half! We were eating leftover "S Springs chicken" for breakfast (o.k. it's a knock-off of but we updated the name because my name isn't Alice- or if you don't know it by either name it is the decadent chicken breast, with bacon and cheese melted on top :) Anyway, A warmed breakfast up and forgot to put the cheese on top. When I offered he said, "I have no time for cheese." Since I don't have any more time than he does I guess I shall sign off!

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