09 March 2007

A New Day

Welcome to my new blog. Sadly, I had to abandon ship with the old blog. We are fairly private, and like to have a certain amount of anonymity. Our community is very small so we have to go the extra mile sometimes to stay under the radar. We also have a very divided community, and everyone would like to know which side of the fence everyone is on. We have become active in our community. We both find great value in volunteering, and participating in town events and groups. Curiosity follows... and ... My other blog has been discovered, and I fear someone is attempting to turn it into a debate forum about a local hot topic. Sad, really, I thought it had a cool name!
A civic minded friend once said,"Don't say anything today that you don't want to see published in the newspaper tomorrow." I understood what he was saying, but I never thought of it as applying to me. Oh, the lessons we learn in life. It is fascinating to me.
I enjoy having an online forum to journal my thoughts and times, and I love sharing it with friends and family, but I do not want it to become a political tool.
I am giving it another try, so that I can continue to share with my friends and family. I will be more diligent in covering my tracks, however. So if my post seems to vague, feel free to e-mail me for detail, but in general I do not plan to use any actual names to keep someone from easily searching me out.
Thanks and welcome!
I also have a new haircut to go along with the new day! One of our guys used to cut hair for a living and still does it in his spare time. He did a great job! It is kind of tricky, because I like it short and layered in the back, and working into a typical bob in the front. If it's done right a two minute blow dry and I am out the door! Took even less than that today :o)

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Concetta said...

Ooooh, secret blog! How fun!

Sorry you had to give up KellyGate, but glad you haven't given blogging up entirely!