24 March 2007

Finished! At last!!

We bought our house in Temple a little over three years ago. We weren't able to move in right away because of the "Big Freeze", but by March we were in. We immediately started to renovate. Within a month we had removed six walls or so, more doors than I can remember and thus we started down the renovation road. By spring two years ago I was ready to build my dream kitchen. There were two kitchens in this house when we moved in. One was about 10x10 with pine cabinets, and the other was homemade cabinetry and really pretty cheesy. We gutted both of them, took the cabinets from the little kitchen and moved them into the other which has become our bar (or game room if you're my mom). We then ripped down the north wall in the little kitchen, and put a new wall up to make a separate dining room. We got the floors done first since they were laying hardwood in the other half of the house and we needed to patch where the wall was ripped out... Then we got our cabinets put in with a soapstone countertop.
I had a kitchen table on the north wall for a long time. Even after we put in a back door to what will one day be a screened porch. I still had my little table there when we put a pellet stove in the corner. When we put the garage on the north side of the house and a door on the north wall of the kitchen to get to it, I lost my table. I also lost the pellet stove since we put in the pellet boiler. So now we had a space between two doors that needed ________. What?!? I was still thinking table but there just wasn't room. We thought about ordering another cabinet, but apparently hickory is out of style, or in high demand, because they wanted a mint! So we had W our friendly neighborhood contractor build a closet and a bench. Nice and simple, matching the dark wood pegs and trim in our cabinets. I did all the final painting today. After two long years my kitchen is DONE! Yay! Actually, a door for our bedroom, and laying hardwood in a 3x5 hallway we are done in the house! Perfect timing~ The weather is getting nice, and we have a raspberry patch that needs a lot of love this year...

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