17 June 2007

Thrill Ride

Finally! I was able to get down to the town to register the Porsche, and then to Milford to get my plates. Between our crazy store schedule, the limited small town dmv hours, and our recent trips it has been difficult to find time to register. We have ten days to do the inspection. But other than that- Thursday it was done. I was careful not to get too excited because I could not see a time when we would be able to drive it. It was COLD! and rainy on Wednesday and Thursday, with a promise of uncertain for Friday and beyond. Seriously cold. You should have seen all of us tough types in long sleeves, pants, and jackets hopping up and down, huddling together, and blowing on our hands to try to keep warm during the big solar presentation on Thursday. Saturday, after working in the store, we were going over to Art's folks house for Father's day and because Pam was going to come up. Even though it was still cloudy when we woke up, I really wanted to take the car. Art didn't want to bring the car to the store, and had taken the top off so he was concerned about rain. I dug my heels in and we took it. We showed up a little late so no one at the store even noticed what we drove in with, and it got warmer and brighter as the day progressed. At one, after Art finished doing some deliveries we had rescheduled for training, we set off for the seacoast. The top was down and the sun was bright. It was a great ride, although traffic was a little heavy so we couldn't really stretch her legs. I remember thinking that it would be just short of a miracle if we didn't get pulled over today. Bud and Pam took it for a ride to get Chinese take-out for dinner. Then our neice Lindsay drove to get ice cream. So far so good. On the way out of his folks development heading home we had Karyn and Ralph following in their sporty little Lincoln. Art took off at a good clip, but quickly slammed on the brakes when he saw that a cop was approaching from the other direction. Of course, the cop turned around, and on went the blues. Ralph pulled over, and Art began to pull over, but realized that he did not want us. He had tagged poor Ralph, who we can only guess was trying to catch up to us. Continuing on we thought we would call them when we got on the highway to see what had transpired. We drove pretty slow at that point, both for nerves and we were going through the little town of Newfields which is a bad place to speed no matter what you are driving. When we turned on to 101 we saw that Ralph and Karyn had caught up and waved and beeped. They must have just had a quick warning, or the cop changed his mind altogether... Phew! The rest of the ride home was wonderful. Art and a BMW played leap frog for better than half the distance to Manchester, and a newer Carrera pulled up even with us with a wave of acknowledgement before joining the game. They got off at a near exit and pulled even again to wave goodbye. We stuck our hands out of the skylight and waved goodbye to the Beamer when it exited. I saw 120 once and just gave Art's leg a little pat to let him know that "yeah, that was fun, but..." We made it home with no (further) cops and no stops!

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