17 June 2007

New alternative

We have always fancied ourselves alternative energy dealers even though we have mostly sold wood pellet stoves, furnaces, and the occassional grill. Most would lump us in the stove or hearth category at the strictest, and the wood pellet or biomass at the liberal end. This week we officially picked up solar hot water systems. So (I think) we are now officially out of the stove/hearth category and into alternative energy. We picked up Enerworks solar hot water systems. We liked them because they are right North of us in Canada, they had an established product, easy maintenance, and a good local distributor. I am sure that stoves will always remain at the heart of our business, but I really like the idea of doing more with the central heat systems, advancing bulk feed options, and tying in other systems such as solar. There are many great solar/biomass systems in Europe. Right off the bat we will have a nice package with the pellet boiler w/hot water coil, using the solar as a preheat and summer hot water package. There are so many tax rebates, and credits available I think it will help save dollars as well as give us some experience in that department for future biomass credits.

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