08 June 2007

Day One

We got off the ferry at just about noon. We checked in and were back out on the beach in about ten minutes. We walked up a quite a ways just enjoying the day. You could tell that this is a place that hosts a large number of people. You could see so many tables and chairs, wide walk ways, and more bike racks than I could count. However, there were not that many people there when we were. It is still not their peak season. I also imagine that weekends are huge compared to mid-week travel. That would also be part of why we got such a good deal, too :) We likened it to being at an amusement park when it is closed. You can imagine the large crowd, the laughter of kids on holiday, the music, lights, action, the buzz of activity. But instead it was just a large empty stage. To be clear, there were some definate advantages to not having the crowds of people like not waiting to sit down for dinner, or wait in line, or have to share the road with other bikers, but it seemed odd nonetheless. It is an hour ride from Narragansett, RI, two hours from Newport, and not quite two hours from Montauk, Long Island. The island is not even ten square miles total. and the middle half is mostly an inlet/lake. It has been on both of our to do/see lists for a very long time. Very relaxing.

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