03 June 2007

Home at Last!

When I turned 30 I had only been in NH a few years. I was feeling a little home sick so as a b-day gift DH got me a plane ticket home. My folks were happy to have me, of course. Except~
The night we celebrated my b-day was pretty straight forward. The usual cake and a few little gifts. The "little" gift from my Dad was a car cleaning kit. A very elaborate one. It came in a little suitcase, and had Porsche logos on all of the little bottles. Simple me, I thought he gave me a freebie pack he got at the last servicing of his Porsche as a joke or maybe because he thought I'd really like to have a car cleaning kit??? Well, the next gift was a KEY! To a Porsche! He gave me his Porsche for my 30th B-day. No words to describe that one! He said they were going to drive it out and surprise me, but then I came to CO instead. It is a 1988 944. It was originally used as a race car in Florida so it is souped up pretty well. The car has lived in my folks garage for the last five plus years waiting for me to build my garage and somehow get it across the country. We did get to use the car a few times in Colorado, but it's just not the same. I was talking with a friend earlier this spring who had a son going to school in AZ. They had his car shipped to NH on a carrier for a pretty reasonable price. Why hadn't I thought of that? So I started calling transport companies to get a quote since we finished our garage last fall. It hopped on the carrier last week, and arrived without a scratch today :) It's like receiving the present all over again. I cannot express Thanks enough to my folks. They are pretty amazing, and very generous!

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