08 June 2007

Day Two

Our second day was a little overcast. I told A to turn on the Tellie to check the weather while I took a shower. He told me that there would be afternoon rain showers, but the morning will be fine. So we headed off to the bike shop with a backpack full of raincoat for the afternoon. Well, by the time we got to the bike shop it was sprinkling. I could also see the gray clouds descending on us fast so I decided to avoid the rush and put on my raincoat. Apparently, I have officially become a New Englander. Growing up if it were raining, I would suggest we go inside to "wait it out". No-No, not anymore. Without a thought we hopped on our bikes and pedaled North to the far end of the Island and the North Lighthouse destination we had planned. There was very little traffic and no other bikes (go figure...) We did see a lot of feathered friends. Beautiful cardinals, Geese wandering around with their families and swimming in the water, a little duck came over to say "Hi' and give me a rest half way up a big hill. I liked this lighthouse best. Stone buildings are just so impressive. Unfortunately, it is still off-season so it wasn't open, but in season you can go to the top of the light. We had fun walking around. By the time we got back the rain had stopped and we were able to walk around the little town, and hang out on the porch of the hotel. We had a fabulous new ice cream flavor here. Boston Cream Pie Ice Cream. This could be my new favorite. Or, second to chocolate and peanut butter anyway. So good!

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